The truth is that consumers shop differently than they did just five years ago. Savvy shoppers know that the best way to find the ultimate deal is to start with online research. At Potenza Auto Dealer, our design and marketing experts can make sure that consumers are being directed to your site where they can experience a hassle-free shopping experience.

Driving Traffic
Paid Search

If you are interested in jumpstarting your advertising efforts, rely on us to be your full-service automotive advertising agency. From retargeting campaigns to PPC for car dealer websites and everything in-between, we can help you establish and execute a successful advertising strategy.

With paid searches, you can target your ads so that they reach people who are actively searching for your goods and services. Essentially, you pay to have your ads placed as sponsored links. When a user searches for certain keywords, your ad will appear as a relevant source and you only pay when someone actually clicks on your ad and visits your site. This strategy makes sure that your ads are strategically placed in front of your target audience and generate valuable leads.

Functional Websites

In addition to search, display and social media campaigns across a range of channels, we also specialize in retargeting campaigns. This advertising tool allows you to track customer behavior and serve them ads based on their previous searches. If they have been visiting your competitor’s sites or browsing for new and used cars, our system will automatically present them with display ads for your auto dealership. Retargeting provides an automated and cost effective way to directly target consumers. Instead of casting too wide of a net, you can hone your strategies and enjoy a valuable return on your investment.

Our approach to auto dealer paid advertising relies heavily on data so that we can run the most cost efficient and effective campaigns. We can collect information on all your campaigns and use that to make improvements along the way. Your advertising strategy will be a dynamic tool that continues to adjust to changing markets and consumer demands.

Get started today and take your car dealer website to the next level with a targeted paid advertising strategy that is specially designed to meet your unique needs.

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