Geo fencing Target

Geofencing uses smartphone technology to directly target customers who are visiting your competitors. It is the latest in car dealer solutions and the perfect way to redirect customers, who are ready to make a purchase, to your dealership.

The idea is simple: geofencing uses smartphone location capabilities to detect when a customer comes within a certain radius of your competitors. Once they enter that radius, an automated message will be sent to their phone’s home screen. This targeted message will tell them exactly why they need to rethink their destination and head over to your dealership. You choose the enticing offer you want to advertise. For example: We Beat Any Offer by $1,000!

Buy Today and receive a deal to purchase vehicle on discounted rates!

When they click on or swipe your message, they will instantly be taken to a fully optimized landing page that will motivate them to act now and take advantage of your offer. In just a matter of seconds, you have stolen your competitor’s sale!

Rest assured that your competitors are already using geo-fencing technology to steal your leads and convert sales. Don’t be left behind in a competitive market.

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