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At Potenza Auto Dealer, we offer advanced export feed tools that will allow you to instantly export your products to a variety of platforms for a more comprehensive sales strategy While it is important to optimize your auto dealer website, you also want to make sure that your inventory and links are appearing across a variety of sales platforms. From comparison sites and Craigslist to automotive search engines, you want to make sure that you are meeting customer exactly where they are shopping.

With our innovative and automated export feed tools, your inventory updates will instantly be sent to all your different data feeds. Instead of having to visit each site where your products are listed and manually updated the inventory, you can let our export feed tools do the work for you. It is the absolute best way to stay on top of inventory management and ensure that you are presenting the latest information to customers across all your sales platforms.

Our automotive website solutions are designed to simplify marketing, sales and management tasks so that you can spend more time connecting with customers and closing sales.

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