Developing An Auto Dealer Website? 5 Reasons To Go Responsive
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Now, people prefer to consume information, shop online and communicate on-the-go using mobile devices.

According to a survey, “64% of the internet users across the globe leverage smartphones to access the internet.”

It’s an eye-opening fact!

The change businesses should embrace to follow the customers’ footsteps and grab the mobile users’ traction. It doesn’t mean the businesses need to create the separate websites for the myriad of devices. On the other hand, by making the website responsive, the users can access the website via any device without any distortion in the image or text.

For the car dealers, development of responsive auto dealer websites is all-the-craze. They are ready to adapt the change due to the 5 reasons that are convincing enough to head them towards responsive websites.

Let’s take a sneak peek at the 5 reasons:

1)   Screen sizes are getting smaller

The time has gone when the desktop sizes are considered as standard to display the website content, images, buttons and more for making the website navigation a breeze.

Don’t look back as the smaller device screens are becoming the users’ favorite. Optimize the website design to get fit well from smartphone to the smart watches with responsive website development to constantly increase the traffic with decreasing screen sizes.

2)   Search engines are never partial with device

It’s funny to read, but true. Search engines display the same results for a query when searched from desktop and mobile devices. Moreover, the search engine boosts the website ranking if they are responsive and show relevant to the users precisely on every device, be it a tablet, or mobile. Also, a major difference in the organic traffic can be observed.

The responsive website helps to triumph half the battle by increasing the car dealer website content access to the wider audience.

3)   No redesigning efforts

When you have engineered the responsive website as an automotive dealer solution, and suddenly the website stop working properly on the mobile device, the development team don’t need to work on desktop application code.

Instead of redesigning the complete application, fixing the bug in the code make the website to work again flawlessly on the array of devices.

4)   Engineer amazing experiences

Getting the information access on-the-go is the best thing, which delights the users, but soon it turns into a frustrating experience if the users are not able to clearly read the text, view the high-quality images or page takes too long to load.

That’s where responsive websites become the panacea which eliminates the users’ need to zoom the website content to read and provide the better experience when they browse through the website.

5)   Make the website future proof

The large share of the mobile users is the Generation Y that makes high use of the devices in their day-to-day life to communicate, browse the products and collect the information.

But, their expectations are quite high that includes good performance, high-resolution images and vivid text, which if not fulfilled, they move to another website in seconds. By making the website responsive, you can take hold of the Generation Y and future-proof your website.


Investment into responsive website development is a worthy choice for the automotive dealers as it’s offering multiple benefits that can widen the access to the customers, improve the website ranking, upsurge the conversion rate and enhance loyalty with mesmerizing experiences.

One more perk - Potenza Auto Dealer is offering an amazing benefit to the businesses this new year wherein we will provide one month free services on the purchase of our services for two months which would include hosting, development, SEO and so on.

Wow! It’s overwhelming to get so much with responsive car dealer website development and design, then don’t wait anymore to go responsive.

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