Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends That Auto dealers Will Follow In 2017
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The automotive digital marketing is picking up the pace to reach the customers where they spend most of their time, keep the marketing approach personalized, and get the good returns over investment. It’s making the dealers to ditch the old-aged marketing and step in with their customers.

It is presumed that in 2017, increasingly, the auto dealers will make a switch in car dealer marketing to gain a huge traction in the market.

Let’s explore which digital marketing trends will certainly be embraced by the auto dealers:

1) Give a leg up to the personalized marketing

This is a customers’ age where all the products and services are designed and offered catering customers needs. Moreover, it has become a new strategy to get in touch with the customers in a way they want through personalized marketing.

The car dealers will also follow the same. They are assessing every customer’s journey from the first click to their website to the browsing, and then sending the tailored marketing collateral to make them read the messages that just meant for them.

2) In-depth analysis of customer purchase

From Ecommerce store to the entertainment companies are analyzing and monitoring the every users journey to garner the information that helps them understand what users prefer and what they like the most.

Auto dealers are also employing the same strategy to better comprehend the customer behavior and personalize the communication accordingly to heighten the sales.

3) Assessing competitor’s selling strategy

Upgrading the strategy based on the analysis of the competitor’s plan is a must. It helps in gaining insights what’s new in the market and how the market is evolving to surpass the customers’ untold needs. Implementing the same efforts innovatively, the car dealers can turn the table upside down.

4) Customer engagement at various touch points

Reaching out the customers through TV advertisements, radio or newspaper now works no more. To enhance the customers’ outreach, it’s necessary to inform and do the marketing activities across all the channels and devices. Besides, it helps in knowing and predicting life cycle stages, which intensify the marketing efficacy.

5) Check the last moment pull back

The analysis of micro steps taken by the customers assist the owners in finding out the pain points like- why customers left the store instantly and the integrated rewarding features like- what’s making more users to visit the auto dealer website. The smart analysis and intelligent decision-making aids in the addition or removal of all those attributes which truly drive the sales.

The last word…

Transformation is a key driver to delight the customers with utmost convenience and auto dealers with improved customers’ engagement, traffic and sales volume. The automotive digital marketing trends is an integral part of that change which auto dealers are gracefully embracing to ensure growth, prosperity and a distinctive edge in the competition. Follow the digital marketing trends in 2017 to not just go with the flow, but to create a major breakthrough.

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