What’s the significance of online reputation management for Car Dealers?
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Now, no car dealerships can dare to ignore the web presence as otherwise they will be losing the major share of tech savvy customers.

The essence is building an online presence is a must-have. However, this is also not optimum as the building and management of the online reputation are equally important. 

Why is it so?

Before making any purchase, customers always browse the businesses’ online reputation and especially when they are about to spend huge dollars. Also, it matters to the customers that what other customers are stating about your business.

When it comes to car dealerships, online reputation is a crucial asset that needs to be handled carefully to rise above the rest and garner huge audience traction. 

Even more, according to a study, the auto dealers with good online reputation are able to gain 60% more traffic as opposed to those dealers with a poor reputation. It signifies that recommendations, reviews and ratings help the businesses to capture high traffic volume, more leads in the funnel and increased conversion rate. 

Some worthy stats favoring what’s mentioned above

  • 40% of the customers regularly read online customer reviews
  • 88% of the Consumers Trust Online Reviews As compared to Personal Recommendations.
  • 68% of the customers get drifted to the competitors because of the tarnished online reputation.

This implies customers prefer the auto dealers with a good reputation. Not just the customers, while search engines also rank those car dealers at the top that are scoring high on positive reviews and ratings. 

What’s next? How the car dealers should expedite from building online reputation to the online reputation management so that they will have just success in their hands?

Let’s see what car dealers have to do:

  • Engineer the solid online reputation- a piece of the cake!

Merely, the web presence creation won’t grab the users’ attention. Instead, earning the accolades takes the time and the businesses cannot bundle them up overnight. The best practice to nurture the online reputation is to encourage or incentivize the customers who have made purchases from the car dealers to write reviews on Google or social media.

  • Maintain the reputation like no other

Building the online reputation is great, but maintaining the reputation is a hard nut to crack. To hook up your customers and keep them reviewing the website again and again, updating the new posts, adding new customer reviews or any kind of interaction is very important. Such activities are essential to maintain the repute created. Besides, it lets you keep tabs on what customers think about car dealerships.

  • Learn how to recover

No matter how good your online reputation management strategy is, but it’s not necessary that it will persuade and satisfy all the customers. To delight the unhappy customers, auto dealers need to work smartly by interacting with them and converting the frustrating customers into potential customers. The interactions impress other customers and make them feel you are actually concerned for your customers.  

Key note: Intelligently judge the fake reviews that are posted to ruin your reputation. It’s good to remove such reviews instead of responding to such reviews.


Good online reputation is a feather in the auto dealers’ cap whose maintenance stays at the core of the business. It maximizes the user experiences and thus generates more leads with responsive website and solid reputability. Decide at first what do you want? Want to scale up with evolving trends or keep sticking to the old pattern? Well, the choice is yours. But one advice is mine.

Skyrocket the traffic volume and sales with best online reputation management!

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