How Are Digital Drivers Bringing A Paradigm Shift In Auto Marketing?
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The automotive industry is one of them where tremendous changes are observed from informing the customers about the new vehicle arrival at the showroom to the final purchase due to technology evolution.

In the USA, the digital spending for the automobile marketing is up and constantly increasing. Even, it’s anticipated that the high adoption of technology would bring the automotive industry in the second position in digital advertising in 2017.  

There are so many digital trends that are shaping the auto marketing through the myriad of ways such as responsive website development, automotive digital marketing, or third party advertising.

Take a look at how the race of digitization is taking the automotive world by storm:

  • Media consumption is changed

The news consumption through print and media channel have gone worse- it is not a new thing to hear. Consumers are no more interested or spend the time to get the information through the traditional resources.

It signals the auto marketers that to stand ahead in the market going consumers way that’s the digital way is the only roadmap they are left with. As the customers prefer to consume the content via digital ways like videos, internet research or electronic messaging. To be outcome-oriented, the auto dealers have to be prepared for the digital strategy.

  • Buyers becoming more tech savvy

Again, there is nothing to doubt because the technology has deeply integrated into consumers’ lives. Before stepping at any dealership, the customers at first browse at least 2-3 auto dealers’ website, check the services they offer, do the price comparison and pretty more.

The auto dealers as a part of car dealer marketing need to build the best online presence to make the customer get inquisitive about the dealership offerings,  create Geofence around the dealership to attract the customers in the close vicinity through personalized messaging or enlist the cars with accurate details on the third-party websites to increase the dealership awareness.

  • The search for vehicles is evolving

The search engines are the gateway for the dealers to drive the customers to the dealership and take a test drive. With a brilliant website and outstanding marketing, the dealers can stand on the top of the customers’ mind to influence their buying decisions.

It’s viable by capturing the customer’s attention through unmatched UI/UX, genuine reviews and right content that answers the every query being searched on the search engines. The auto marketers have to optimize the car dealer solution accordingly.

  • Impact on purchase path

According to a research, “The dealerships put 60% of their marketing budget for the digital mobile advertising.”

The high spikes in digital spending in the automotive industry are directly proportional to the high adoption of mobile devices and amplified usage of the internet by the customers. Although cars are the big ticket which customers less often purchase online, but they certainly do a lot of research online.

That’s the reason the auto dealers are making the efforts in creating the online presence at a local or global level to build the brand, gain leads and convert the leads through re-targeting. By getting available where the customers are searching for the dealership offerings, transforming the visitors to potential buyer becomes easier.

  • Capitalizing the opportunities

From the time the new make and model manufacturing at the auto manufacturer to the arrival of the new vehicles at the dealership, the great length of marketing is done by the manufacturer at the global level. The dealerships can take the benefit of the manufacturer marketing on a regional and local level with location-based advertising that educates the customers about where they can buy the car.

The branding and targeted marketing brings amazing response and works as a prominent strategy to grab the attention of a massive pool of customers interested in new vehicle buying.

Final thoughts

The ever-changing consumer habits and digital trends have a great impact on the automotive industry. The stats had proven that keeping pace with the technology advancements and tapping into the trends is the absolute way to hit the target and gain maximum revenue with the improved conversion. Instead of reinventing the wheel by following conventional ways, it’s good to embark on the digital journey and influence the customers in the competitive market.

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