How Can Car Dealerships Better Market The Cars With Facebook?
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The best way to help the customers is to let them know about the cars they want to buy at the place where they spend maximum time. That’s where Facebook with more than billion users stands out. 

On the Facebook, with intelligent car dealership marketing strategy the dealers can help the customers in car purchasing by providing all the car details, online reviews, and answers to their questions at one place. 

Many car dealerships is utilizing the social media websites by posting the content that informs the customers about cars, instead of just promoting the brand. This tactic is result-driven and making the customer felt as if the dealership is advising the right vehicle that best suits their needs. However, the car dealers new to the social marketing get stumped with what content to post, how to post and when to post. 

To clear up the air, here we have rounded up the 7 Facebook marketing tips which aids in moving inventory, drive loyalty, improve conversion and build deeper relationships. They are:

(1) Enhance the post’s appeal with media sharing

Just uploading the text description won’t intrigue the audience. Adding high-quality photos or videos of the cars enable the users to visualize how it looks like and perhaps, motivate them to come to the dealership to take a test drive. 

The photos or videos can be added distinctively with the relevant features, which better inform the customers about car details.  

(2) Display your inventory

Showcasing all the cars, and their details along with photos is a time-consuming process. It’s good to display the best rated or top selling cars on the Facebook rather than showing the complete inventory to make the customers take interest in the cars, and step inside the dealership.  

(3) Post interesting updates

In the automotive industry, the new model release information continues to create a buzz in the market before even the models come to the showroom. The automobile fans like to stay sync with such new updates.

When you post the relevant information about the upcoming model in a timely fashion, the likelihood of the customers in browsing your Facebook page every time for the latest news get increases.

Also, the buzz gives you insights about which users are showing more interest in the specific vehicle’s make and model. When the same model arrives at the dealership, the auto dealers can start the email campaign targeting the interested users. 

(4) Involve the customers

To nurture the relationship with customers, it’s imperative to let the customers aware of what’s happening at the dealership behind the scene. The auto dealers can share the events they have sponsored, dealership awards they have received, community involvement, the employee of the month and so forth on the Facebook. 

This awareness adds a human touch and gives customers a sense that they are also the part of the dealership family. It’s good to make such announcements, so make them. 

(5) Do marketing with recommendations

Undoubtedly, direct marketing on the Facebook page won’t work for a longer run. But, promoting the cars is all-important. Here, personalized Facebook marketing works. 

Based on the customers’ demographics, the research customers did and the type of vehicles demanded at the dealership, the tailored recommendation list of the vehicles can be created and posted on the Facebook. Such type of posts are meaningful, informative, and foster sales.

(6) Share your views

A lot is happening in the auto industry that existing buyers or new car buyers love to read. Be it, a new model release, technology innovation, manufacturer reports, safety regulations and vehicle maintenance tips. 

The relevant and worthy news sharing alongside your own views build the page authority and the customers start believing in what you post. Begin delivering auto industry news.

(7) Finally, promote the Facebook

When the dealers are able to create a good network with smart content posting, the very next step is to promote the page by providing a Facebook page link on the dealership website. The auto dealers can keep the Facebook icon that satisfied customers certainly share, which in turn bring more customers to the dealers’ Facebook page and grow the network. 

The last word

From small scale to the big dealerships, hire the online marketing agency to better market the vehicles using a search engine optimization, social media, PPC, automotive advertising, and pretty more. These agencies never guarantee, but assure improved conversion and sales. Also, demands a good investment of time and dollars, which is not worthy when the dealerships can do it all on their own.

Start Facebook marketing and follow the marketing tips when you post on Facebook to enhance online visibility, drive more traffic, bring more leads, and make more people come to the dealership.

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