How Can Car Dealers Measure Digital Marketing Results?
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In the marketing marathon, a lot of thinking, planning and dollars spending are the part and parcel of it.

In this race, the dealers want to have 100% visibility into the marketing strategies to know exactly what they are getting and how much the plan is working. Tracking the digital campaigns’ effectiveness is a true measure of the success, but traditionally it’s very complex to assess.

The advanced analytics and tracking tools have answers to the problems. In a single click, the dealers can get to know everything.

Sometimes, the automotive digital marketing company employed by the dealers to improve the leads, sales and profits put a thrust upon the dealerships to use their tracking and analytics tools. But, the dealers should emphasize on the implementation of Google analytics and Google Tag manager to quantify the results based on certain KPIs.

Take a look at what dealers can track using Google analytics and Google Tag tool:

  • Sales and conversion tracking

Just by adding tracking code to the website, the auto dealers can monitor the traffic and the user’s activity on every web page. It gives revolutionary insights about customers’ online behavior such as the device and the source from which the users are coming to the website, what content they are browsing and the average time they spend on the website.

It helps in understanding how the website’s performance can be optimized, usability can be increased, the conversion rate can be drastically uplifted, and ROI can be maximized.

  • Online campaign tracking

From emails to the messages sent to the users as a part of marketing campaigns can be tracked. It displays the results of varied digital marketing campaign activities conducted by the dealers like- SEO, SMO, SMM, pay per click networking, display advertising, content marketing, email marketing and pretty more.

The tracking enables knowing the users’ response to the campaign, which in turn gives the insights about what needs to be improved to strengthen the marketing initiative.

  • Reporting

Every time, the dealer may not want to see all the results at a time. The custom reports can be created and saved of different levels tailored to the dealership needs. For instance, when the dealer wants to see on what page the user is spending most of the time, then they like to see most viewed content web page reports.

This way the dealers can get a comprehensive picture of customer interaction digitally. Besides, the results monitoring, easy tracking, and unbiased reporting bring loads of advantages to the dealers such as:

  • Showcase whether the current strategy is making sense for the dealer or not
  • Segmenting the digital marketing based users demographics are driving traffic or not
  • Easy to identify the investment into digital spending is worth or not
  • Facilitates in knowing the latest marketing plan needs to modify or not
  • Display how the competitors are performing

Wrapping it up

No dealer craft the digital presence through the website or marketing campaigns to just register the digital presence or enhance the reach to the tech savvy users. Instead, it’s created to get more leads, bring the leads down the sales funnel and generate high revenue through improved conversion rates.

But, building different auto dealer solutions is not optimum, while the dealers also have a need for advanced analytics tools to better manage the digital campaigns and bring dramatic results. Measure the success leveraging the advanced tools to run the business effectively and deliver the brilliant results.

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