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According to the auto trader report, “In the UK, just 7% of the buyers trust the car dealership that’s quite less than the proportion of the consumers’ trust in real estate, or finance companies.”
It’s an alarming fact, which indicates there is an urgent need to repair the car dealership image and build the customer trust. Let’s face it: the prospective buyers count on and buy the car from the dealership only after post-browsing and researching on the car dealer website.
It signifies the car dealer website is the ultimate car dealer solution to scale up the consumer trust. But, how it can be accomplished online. Here, we have outlined the five ways that help dealerships weave the trust DNA in the car buyers online:
Engineer the best impression
The first impression is the last impression- the saying holds a great significance in itself. When the dealership tries their best to engage and convert the buyers coming at the showroom, then why not such efforts are made for online presence.
Presently, the scenario has changed, the buyers after browsing the dealership website make the decision to take a drive to the showroom or not. The website must include engaging content, appealing images, 360-degree video of the cars, and accurate description, which makes the customers feel the level of professionalism the dealership maintains and top-grade services offer.
Also, don’t make any mistake in advertising the vehicles on the website as it agitates the customer trust and deteriorates dealer’s online reputation as well.
Leverage online reviews
No matter how good the salesperson at your dealership has convinced the customers, but the customers always prefer to look at the existing customer feedback to reassure their decision of buying the car.
The studies had proven that online reviews play a vital role in nurturing and bolstering the customers’  trust. The dealerships should post the positive reviews on the website and can even promote them on the social channels so that customers can easily get to know what type of the cars and services the dealership offer.
Maintain consistency
Some dealerships show laziness in keeping the website up-to-date and maintaining a synchronization in the message spread across different platforms, which leads to a big failure.
The dealerships should display the same brand logo, visual theme, vehicle information, price, images, and related offers on the website and other social channels. The inconsistency turns off the customers and makes them think once before relying on you. Besides, there should not be any spelling or grammatical mistake, else the dealership image gets ruined.
Be truthful
In an attempt to make the user lands on the dealership website, many dealers as a part of tricky car dealership marketing plan post the half truth in the advertisements, which appears to be a cheating to the users and upset them.
For instance: In the ads, the price of the car is $15,000 mentioned, while on the website, $25,000 is shown.
The strategy may help in bringing customers to the website, but it will never engage and convert them. Don’t erode the layer of trust, which is yet to build by advertising dissimilar price in the ads and landing page.
Make it easy to complain
When the customers find a lot of ways to get connected and communicate with the dealership, they think that you are easily accessible and can be easily notified when they stuck somewhere.
In addition to this, the prompt and favorable response from the dealership increase the level of contentment and trust in the customers, in turn, the leads can be converted into potential buyers.
Making the customers driving the car from the dealership is possible only when the dealership is able to craft the customer trust through the website. Building the customer trust involves no rocket science, while it’s plausible by developing the website that creates a good impression, posts genuine reviews, maintains consistency, stays true to the words and enables seamless communication with the dealership. Get set to drive the customers to the dealership through your digital doors.

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