How To Step Up The Customer Loyalty At Your Dealership?
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A lot the dealership has to spend to bring the visitors to the showroom and make them buy the vehicle. And, the fierce competition, making the existing customer come back more difficult. Besides, the auto dealers don’t know when the customers would turn to their competitors.
Here, digital presence work as a panacea. The car dealer website that’s helping in bringing traffic to the dealership also presents wonderful opportunities before the dealerships to gain the attention of existing customers and retain them for a longer term.
Leveraging automotive digital marketing, the dealership can boost the customer loyalty and double the profits in a shorter span.
The five smart tactics to augment the customer retention are:
  • Set up the email campaign
The launching of the email campaigns for existing customers is equally important as for the visitors. The dealerships need to regularly take the follow-up of the existing customers by sending emails to maintain their interest in the dealership.
Personalizing the email campaigns based on the customers’ interest in the vehicle, their demographics, previous car purchase and the type of cars they often found browsed online, would improve the chances of getting the email read and response.
Moreover, the service reminders, tips for better car maintenance and greetings on special occasions can be sent that makes customers feel special.
  • Post genuine customer testimonials
Not just the first-time visitors, but even the customers who have purchased the car from the dealership also browse the customer reviews and ratings when they are searching for the other vehicle on the same dealership website.
Ask or invite the customers to post their reviews regarding the product and services they have received. Posting the reviews on social media is proving to be more helpful. It makes the customers feel connected with the brand and they are more likely to return to the dealership, at least to take a test drive of the car.
  • Be responsive
The customers’ preference to browse the cars online over physically going to the dealership and looking through the cars offline is the biggest evidence that customers are too busy in their lives and in their leisure time, they like to look at the products and services offered.
It’s also observed that most of the time the customers search for the information on mobile, so making the dealership website works impeccably on every device is an integral part of car dealership marketing. Optimize the website for mobile to make your products or services easily found and browsed on the range of devices. It delivers a great experience to the customers.
  • Available on social platform
No matter what industry the business belongs to, leveraging social media has become all-imperative to reach the customers on all possible channels. The social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest have become the best mediums to find and interact with the customers.
They play a crucial in making or breaking the website reputation, making customers satisfied and earning customer loyalty. So, the dealerships have to create a social presence and maintain the repo prudently as all that dealership communicates with the customers remain visible in the public.
The immediate resolution of the problem delights the customer and creates a positive image of the dealership in terms of responsiveness, accessibility, and transparency on the social platform. Get social!
  • Keep the content up-to-the-mark
The website can only become the future-proof when it caters to the need of both new buyers and the car owners. It’s good to illustrate the vehicle inventory, services offered, discounts and all on the website, but it won’t cover the content that car owner may have a need of.
It’s better to create the content like- videos for car maintenance, tips to keep the car winter ready, or car service appointment booking, which keep the car owner glued to the website and visit it repetitively for distinct needs.
Summing it up
Many dealers online marketing agency hips in the USA have included the customer retention in the new year resolution list of the year 2017. If you are one of them, then you have certainly teamed up with an  to keep the satisfied customers returning to the dealership and build up the list of loyal customers.
With the best content, mobile responsiveness and good services, the existing customers can be made to take a turn to the dealership, else they will be lost forever. It’s the biggest roadblock that can be removed once the dealerships stay connected with the customers and give them a sense of privilege using intelligent digital marketing strategies.
It’s time to turn the perennial resolution a reality with the best digital marketing.

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