How Geo-Fencing Turn Up Your Business?
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Is it happening with you? If so, it’s time to embrace the location-based technology to hit the message to the customers when they are nearby your car dealership or your competitor’s dealership. Geo-fencing is one of such smart marketing that enables the car dealers to send a message as they come in the close vicinity of the dealers’ showroom.

How Geo-fence works?

The highly buzzing technology in the mobile advertising world is most loved by the car dealerships that allow them to create a virtual fence around any location to sway away the customers at the last second by triggering the mobile ads. The personalized messages can be sent based on the customers’ interest and location to increase the footfall and sales.

But, the messages cannot be blasted without users’ permission. So, it’s better to build the dealership app or loyalty app to trigger the message as the customer cross the line. The technology has scored far much success in persuading the customers to visit the dealer showroom again.

The car dealerships can use the technology in the myriad of ways to boosts conversion rates and ROI. Take a look at how geo-fencing proves to be an excellent car dealership solution:

  • First, trigger your customers

It’s possible that the online shoppers may have visited your website and downloaded the app, but is not aware of the showroom location when they are touring the same area. As your customers enter inside the invisible fence, you can drive them to the dealership by sending the message on the device right in their hand.

  • Broaden the virtual fence

To uplift the visits to the dealership along with improved business awareness, it’s better to increase the radius of the fence around the dealership location. This way you will be able to target the huge audience and grow the traffic volume and sales. So, send a text to the more people as they cross the line.

  • Target the loyal patrons

This is not essential to always trigger the message to the auto dealers’ customers, while you can also target the customers of other businesses that resides in a nearby location and comes within the fence.

For instance: You can send the messages to the car insurance agents or the people coming to the insurance office to get car insurance. This way the dealers may find the customers who may have a need of or looking for a new car.

  • Engage the new customers

The programmatic advertising works best here wherein the users in the close proximity get the advertisements as a pop-up when they open any application or game that leverages the users’ current location. The rich media ads are proving to be effective in catching new eyes and grabbing more attention.

  • Conquer the competitor’s customers

Not to mention, but targeting the customers standing at the competitor’s showroom is in the trend. It detours the customers to the auto dealer’s way by creating the geo-fence. It’s getting popular with geo-conquesting term to make the competitor’s customers come and visit the auto dealer. Definitely, it works. See how.

When the customer standing in the nearby dealership showroom receives a message on the mobile that you are offering 20% off on the first purchase alongside some attractive perks, then which customer does not want to reap the advantages.


Embracing geo-fencing location based marketing is an investment in the future success of the auto dealership. The day after another, the auto dealers are carrying out new strategies to capitalize on the geo-fencing technology. A few stats supporting the same and encouraging the businesses to go this way are:

- 80% of the USA adults owns the smartphones

- Just 40% of the businesses are using hyper-local targeting leveraging geo-fence technology

- 60% of the users discover the new company or product when they are using the phone

It signifies the customers are either passing by or nearby. Now, you have to make them come inside the showroom. Decide what do you want? Wanted to get ahead of the 60% of the competitors that are not actively using the geo-fence? If your answer is yes, get partnered with the digital marketing company that provides flawless auto dealership solutions.

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